Experience Italian Art in your Retreat or Tavolata

NestArt brings artworks of Italian artists in your rental Retreat or Tavolata event.
This is the perfect opportunity to experience Italian art and in some occasions, if desired, to purchase it.

We can also organise private or group visits to art galleries and museums
and we also promote Artist Residencies all over Italy


We collaborate with:

Masseria Cultura

masseria cultura

Parco dei Sesi

parco dei sesi

Villa Lena

Villa Lena

Il Frantoio Capalbio

il frantoio


Tree line



Are you an Artist and you want to apply to show your Artworks in a Retreat or Tavolata?


Why Nest

We provide and promote different experiences Made in Italy, attracting travelers with a passion for Hospitality and Art that are nowadays increasingly connected to each other. The guests will experience your artworks by connecting with the environment. There’s a high chance your artworks will be sold during the event, and if you agree, we can also put your artworks in our online shop.

The application fee is €100 

Includes: One year residency with the possibly to exhibit in more than one event or property.
We will take care of the movements of your artworks. For more infos: [email protected]

For more information or to join NestArt please share your contact details,
portfolio and any useful link and platform you can show us in order to better understand your personality and works.

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