Cascioni Eco Retreat

Nest Italy: Cascioni Eco Retreat

Cascioni Eco Retreat

The privilege of leaving the world outside, of getting lost in a private natural park where you can soak your feet in a stream, stroll among the olive trees and myrtle bushes, and venture into a protected oasis, across the lagoon and down to the sea.

All while knowing that the comfortable embrace of your suite awaits you, with a porch opening up onto the lawn and a small heated swimming pool. A protected place for a select few, entrusted to the discreet care of the Retreat.

This estate has always been known as Cascioni: a fertile plain with rolling hills, full of wild blooms and well-ordered rows of plants. A haven nourished by a stream that lingers here—growing wider at the Saloni pond, part of a vast natural preserve—before slowly making its way down to the sea.
Olive trees, lovingly cared for, sway in the wind alongside alfalfa, aromatic plants, and fruit trees. This bounty frames the rich and well-tended vegetable garden, the pride of the entire tanka.


Only a few, for the few. Each with a name typical of Sardinia, as an introduction to the island’s peasant culture; each with its own porch, garden, and small private swimming pool. Inside, special attention has been paid to nature through the use of light stone, hand-made terracotta, oak, and cork, as well as the simplicity of the rustic textiles and the soft feel of cotton and linen. Because true elegance speaks softly, just like nature.

Each suite features an airy living room, a comfortable bedroom, and a different view of the countryside, providing you with everything you might need to enjoy undisturbed intimacy and moments of relaxation. This includes all technological comforts, hidden from view but always within arm’s reach.


The charm of the rolling countryside, overlooking a protected lagoon oasis, with the sea close by. A place where you will find it easy to leave behind everyday stress and worries so that you can rediscover yourself. A place where the harmony of the elements invites you to let go, where the sky is lighter and happiness is within reach.


Gallura is known for its legendary country banquets—but it is also a land of simple and light cuisine, of sensible living and robust centenarians.

The chefs are attentive custodians of Sardinian culinary traditions and of an entirely natural cuisine derived from the finest local ingredients.

They are happy to listen to your individual requests. And, if you’d like, they would love to prepare what you yourself have picked from the large vegetable garden and delivered to the chef, who will also be able to show you the path to where our hens roost freely on the edge of the estate. There, you can experience the joy of choosing a still-warm egg to eat, as has always been the case here.


Gastronomy – Relaxing Holiday – Wellness – Sustainability – Vegetable Garden – Cooking Classes – Sports

Come find your Nest in Sardinia

Location: Arzachena OT

Starting from 680€/day


  • Swimmingpool
  • Heating
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Wifi
  • Air conditioning
  • Restaurant
  • TV
  • Parking
  • Cleaning service

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