Assorted Praline Box “Elegant” (370g), Slitti


Assorted praline box (43 pieces)

Weight per confection: 370g
Dimension per confection: 24,5x19x5 (h)
PCS per box:

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The Slitti company was founded in 1969 as coffee roasting, standing out, on its territory, for the quality of the product. In 1989, with the entry in the company of the sons Andrea and Daniele, the production expands, adding the processing of cocoa. Andrea Slitti is now considered one of the most important artisan Chocolatiers in the world. His adventure with cocoa starts from the experience gained in the family’s coffee roasting, and it has been coffee, his sole teacher, who led him into the world of chocolate and has been able to give him the experience to create blends balanced, round and aromatic. Experienced selector of cocoa, relies on his palate the realization of his recipes, always prepared with meticulous attention, without neglecting any detail. His skill and artistic vein led him to win the most prestigious International Competitions of Chocolate up to today, forming an enviable list of Gold Medals.