Chestnut Honey, Borgo il Mezzanino


250 gr

The ethical chestnut honey from the Borgo Il Mezzanino farm is born in the rolling hills of Lake Garda. Thanks to the owners’ love for nature, bees and territorial riches, an exquisite chestnut honey is born, a nectar with an intense aroma and a velvety texture.

An ethical honey, produced with the most respectful methods of natural cycles and apiaries, managed and treated with ethical and sustainable approaches.

The result is a precious honey, with a dark amber color, aromatic and soft, with all the beneficial properties intact. Excellent to be enjoyed in all seasons and perfect both for the preparation of original aperitifs and as a natural aid during the coldest periods of the year.

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Borgo il Mezzanino

In Salò, on a gentle hilltop dotted with cypresses and ancient olive trees, an old country home lies, steeped in Italian history: healed from the ravages of time, it lends an enchanting, welcoming atmosphere. Borgo Il Mezzanino has a stunning view over Lake Garda, and is nestled among some of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. The farm is surrounded by beautiful 50,000 m² private grounds, perfect for enjoying moments of peace on your own. Take a walk through the complete tranquillity of the olive groves, try the products from the botanical kitchen garden, watch the business of the bees and drink in the scents of the garden: here you can relax your body and mind.