Coffee Blend Opera, Torrefazione Caffè Lelli


hand selected
80% Arabica, 20% Canephora

Tasting Notes
Fine and delicate aroma
Mild and pleasant acidity
Soft and elegant
Balanced with light body
To be enjoyed throughout the day

Roasting profile
Sweet roasting, with hot air, with exit at 191 ° in 13’30 ”

Arabica Central America (Costa Rica Tarrazu, Salvador Pacamara, Guatemala Antigua, Nicaragua Matagalpa, Mexico Maragogype), Arabica Brazil (Minas Gerais), Canephora India (Chickmagalur)

1000-1300 meters above sea level

Washed, Semi Washed

Incl. VAT

Torrefazione Caffè Lelli

The family-run Caffè Lelli roasting company was founded in Bologna in 1996 by the will of the owner of the same name, Master Roaster. Leonardo Lelli has always been at the fore in the research, selection and manual roasting of the best coffee beans and he does so by traveling in countries of immeasurable beauty, knowing and coming into contact with various cultures, sharing and letting himself be inspired.
In the production laboratory in Bologna, Lelli roasts the beans with hot air in accordance with the Italian artisan tradition, calibrating the roasting times according to the type of coffee. Roasting takes place on a weekly basis according to customer requests, in order to deliver the product always fresh.