Elegance Candle Bourbon – 120 g, Cera una Bolla


Elegance Line Candle – Bourbon: Sweet and slightly spicy note. Bourbon is a journey into the depths of winters. It tastes like vanilla, with a spicy aftertaste. It is warm and looks a lot like a wool blanket.

Organic soy wax candle, cast in amber glass containers with aluminum screw cap, to preserve its fragrance and aromatherapy properties.

Height: 6 cm
Body diameter: 6.5 cm
Weight: 120 gr.

Duration: 30 hours (non-continuous duration estimated on an ignition of 1/2 hours at a time)

Materials: The organic soy wax is completely biodegradable, at the end of the candle each container can be washed simply with hot water! The candles of Cera una Bolla are scented with organic essential oils or fragrances, and made entirely by hand. They only use GMO-free soy wax, to obtain a natural and vegetable product.
Soy wax candles have the particularity of melting slowly and lasting longer than normal paraffin candles.
Furthermore, being completely natural, they do not release toxic fumes when ignited.

The product is shipped already packaged in its box.

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Cera una Bolla

Cera una Bolla is an Olfactory Bottega based in Emilia that imagines a world without barriers, without borders, free to be a welcoming and wonderful space. Creation of Sara and Marika, together they are a family that walks on tiptoe around the world trying to spread perfume and beauty. Without pretending to be perfect, simply trying to do what she loves every day, with respect and kindness. Sara and Marika took a map and put together all those points of the globe that they would like to visit and, why not, smell. They collected the essences and joined those dots, so that they became bridges. With the hope that one day, each of us can feel at home anywhere, and can move and move, without prejudice, freely, carried by the wind. Just like a perfume.