Shower Bath Olive Complex, Erbario Toscano


250ml – Moisturizing Formula

Olive Oil (Olea Europaea): It has an intense nourishing and restorative activity, excellent for treating skin dryness and dryness, it acts on exfoliation and cracking, giving the skin a soft and silky touch;

Active, creamy and pleasantly scented foam for daily body cleansing. Prevents dryness, exfoliation and skin dryness. The precious plant components such as “Toscano PGI” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, guarantee hydration, emolliency and skin elasticity. The gentle cleansing action is ensured by washing agents that maintain the right hydrolipidic balance and respect the physiological PH of the epidermis. Skin results: Soft, Regenerated, Hydrated

Apply on the body and gently massage until it forms a soft cream, then proceed to rinse.

Contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP Tuscany.

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Erbario Toscano

Erbario Toscano is a brand known worldwide by devotees of the Tuscan style. Its products for body and hair care, perfumes and home fragrances, are witnesses of the authenticity of a region that is in touch with the everyday life of those who live elsewhere. This thanks to the ability of unique an international reality that has been able to transform every day actions into rituals of self-care and of the home. Erbario Toscano is the experience of a “lifestyle”.