Siccagno Tomato Sauce – 330 g (6pack), Susafa



This tomato sauce is produced exclusively with Siccagno tomatoes grown on the Susafa’s lands.
The sauce is the result of a production process linked to a tradition handed down from their ancestors in the Palermo area, which delivers an unmistakable flavor that has not been modified by time. Furthermore, Siccagno tomatoes have interesting characteristics from an organoleptic and nutritional point of view, as they are rich in vitamins A, C and antioxidants, and also have a low-calorie content.

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Susafa, an old farmhouse in Sicily now converted into spaces for hospitality.
Staying here means coming into contact with one of the many souls of Sicily, made up of inebriating colours and fragrances, centuries-old traditions and rites. And here, rite is celebrated all around nature: genuine spaces of quiet for relaxation, seasonal ingredients served every day at table, oven-fresh bread made with the olive oil of Susafa, the blue of the swimming pool set in the green Mediterranean macchia, walks amid fields of grain and authentic sounds, those of nature.

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