Merah 2017, Carlo Baccheschi Berti


Scent of home, breath of life, sip of Tuscany. It moves like the sea that it looks at, from red crispy fruit tones to freshly bloomed purple flowers. It‘s a fresh and serene dawn that renovates itself at each sip. The body is round and always tense, while the finish is savoury and mineral, revealing the balsamic and floral hints that are the natural expression of Sangiovese in Tuscany.

Fermentation In 3000 liter conical wooden vats of Slavonian oak and stainless steel vats
Maturation In Tonneaux of French oak and stainless steel vats
Aging 12 months in the bottle.

GRAPE VINE Sangiovese 100%

ALCOHOL 13,5% Vol


l 0.75

Incl. VAT
Carlo Baccheschi Berti (Castello di Vicarello)
Set against a dramatic backdrop of the inimitable macchia mediterranea, forests, ancient olive groves and surrounding the impeccable gardens and grounds of 12th century Castello di Vicarello, you will find the vineyards.  Seven hectares of high-density, organically grown vineyards produce our two wines, Terre di Vico and Castello di Vicarello.  The story can begin to be told through the land and it’s climate, yet it’s deepest narrative can be ascribed to dedication and passion of Carlo Baccheschi-Berti.