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We have carefully hand picked a selection of extraordinary Hotels and Villas for your memorable vacation in Italy.
In addition, we offer a free Travel Concierge service if you book with us.

Tavolata Supper Club is “The Nest’s Table”: You will dine in an intimate communal table to enjoy a seasonal menu by great local Chefs, with the opportunity to meet new people and make interesting connections.
Diners absorb the magical atmosphere of the local territory and culture in unique locations across Italy such as, for example, art galleries, a vineyard in the Tuscan countryside, wheat fields and private homes.

NestArt presents a selection of Contemporary Italian Artists in dialogue with the core concept of Nest Italy: the domestic nest, an intimate and familiar place.

In the works of the selected authors, whose multiform researches pertain to the most experimental areas of the contemporary, it is possible to trace a subtle fil rouge, a dialogue on themes dear to the experience of the domestic, which can be understood as a dimension to return to, or sensation rare and precious of a family intimacy, up to the surprise, to the ironic disorientation of a house that can be a mysterious, unexpected, surprising ourselves.

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