Each one of us is constantly creating and looking for nests to surround ourselves with.
NEST is the point of reference of Italian hospitality with the aim to create unique experiences purely ‘Made in Italy’.
Starting from the idea that “ luxury is a state of mind ” and so we all have different interests and needs, we have carefully selected a list of properties, event locations and products that can help you to find your ideal Nest in Italy.
We collaborate with local artists, brands, property owners and merchants to provide you the finest Italian experience.
Join our Community and embrace our vision of Conviviality.
We believe in positive synergies aimed at promoting this beautiful country.
Come find your nest with us, among our “nests”.

Contact Us

[email protected]

Founder & Director

Maria Elena Fabbrini

among the 100 successful women by Forbes Italia in 2022


NEST Italy



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