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Experience Italian food in the Italian way

Tavolata Supper Club is the doorway to the culture and roots of this beautiful country.
You will dine in an intimate communal table to enjoy a seasonal menu by great local Chefs
with the opportunity to meet new people and make interesting connections.
Why “intimate”? Because we imagined a table of up to 12 guests to allow you to socialize with everyone at the table, and not just with your neighbors. 

You will absorb the magical atmosphere of the local territory in unique locations across Italy.
For example: art galleries, private homes, wheat fields or a vineyard in the Tuscan countryside.

Tavolata is the freedom to experience and enjoy simple intimate moments with your loved ones and new ones
and taking a break from our busy lives.

Tavolata is available also for private events & we create bespoke experiences for luxury brands.
Discover our selection of chefs, locations & services
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Nest Table: Tavolata

Supper Club # 17 – SOLD OUT

Tavolata at Il Castello di Vicarello, Tuscany – 24th of September 2022 

We come back at Castello di Vicarello, a location dear to us as we have done our first Tavolata here in 2020.

Vicarello is a hotel in the heart of Tuscany’s wild Maremma countryside, located between Rome and Florence, and is surrounded by 40 hectares (400,000 square meters) of organic vineyards, olive groves, and farmland. The estate captures the essence of contemporary luxury – an experience offering total seclusion, award-winning accommodation and exceptional cuisine.

Supper Club # 18 – SOLD OUT

Tavolata x Cibo Supersonico at “La Serra di Sara”, 8th of October 2022

Cibo Supersonico is a project by Francesca Fariello, plant based chef, and Chiara Ratti, manager and communication manager, which was created to share and experiment with new expressions of plant-based cuisine through private events, dinners at home and cooking classes dedicated to discovery of innovative and sensory culinary experiences.

For this special location we have chosen La Serra di Sara Poli, wedding planner of Bassano del Grappa, who will welcome us in her studio / greenhouse in Marostica, among the beautiful hills.

sold out

Supper Club # 19

Tavolata at Palazzo Daniele, Puglia – 15th of October 2022

Located in Italy’s exquisite Puglia region, Palazzo Daniele is a nine-suite luxury hotel housed in a 159-year-old family palazzo. Inspired by the concept of absence, the hotel’s minimalist design strips back on the interiors, while augmenting the grandeur of the palazzo’s original frescoes and mosaic flooring, to create a dramatic canvas for the property’s contemporary art collection and site-specific installations.

Tavolata x Lunelli at the “Carapace of Arnaldo Pomodoro”

Supper Club # 16

Tavolata x Lunelli at the “Carapace of Arnaldo Pomodoro”
Tenuta Castelbuono, Umbria, 17th of September 2022

Il Carapace was born from the Lunelli family’s dream of seeing a cellar that was a treasure chest for wine. From the long-standing friendship with Arnaldo Pomodoro and from the previous collaboration – which had led the Master to create “Centenarium”, the sculpture that celebrates the century of history of the Ferrari Cellars – the idea arose to propose to him, whose sculptures stand out in symbolic places around the world, to realize the cellar. Pomodoro enthusiastically accepted the challenge of creating a work that would question the boundaries between sculpture and architecture, which would dialogue at the same time with the outside, and with the inside, with that wine whose production had to be strictly functional.

Supper Club # 15 – SOLD OUT

Retreat in the “Wheat Field” – Aperitivo + Dinner at Susafa – Sicily, 11th of September 2022

Have you ever lived an experience of lunch or an aperitif or dinner in a wheat field? it is in itself unique. But perhaps not as unique as the wheat field of Susafa, surrounded by hectares of expanses and hills, in magical Sicily.

Given the high number of requests for the Tavolata on the 10th September, we decided to add another date and this time to let you live the experience of the aperitif and dinner at sunset. More surprises to come!

Tavolata in the “Wheat Field”

Supper Club # 14 – SOLD OUT

Tavolata in the “Wheat Field” at Susafa – Sicily, 10th of September 2022

An old farmhouse now converted into spaces for hospitality. A space that allows you to come into contact with one of the many souls of Sicily, made up of inebriating colours and fragrances, centuries-old traditions and rites. And here, rite is celebrated all around nature: genuine spaces of quiet for relaxation, seasonal ingredients served every day at table, oven-fresh bread made with the olive oil of the estate, the blue of the swimming pool set in the green Mediterranean macchia, walks amid fields of grain and authentic sounds, those of nature.

Tavolata @ Masseria Moroseta

Supper Club # 13 – SOLD OUT
Tavolata x “Masseria Moroseta” – Ostuni – Puglia, 22nd of July 2022

Crossing the country roads, surrounded by spectacular olive trees, you will reach Masseria Moroseta, the white stone farmhouse that stands proudly on the ridge, overlooking the sea and Ostuni. Immersed in five hectares of centuries-old olive groves organically managed, the Masseria is an enclave of relaxation and rural simplicity. At Masseria Moroseta, hospitality means sharing experiences, among which the kitchen plays a central role: food has the ability to unite people beyond all distinctions, exciting everyone with authentic flavors. Their cuisine is based on the knowledge of the Mediterranean tradition, to enrich itself with perfumes, techniques and suggestions coming from our travels around the world. From this comes the desire to overcome the traditional schemes, favoring creativity and research thanks to the Chef, Giorgia Eugenia Goggi.

Tavolata @ Tenuta di Paternostro

Supper Club # 12 – SOLD OUT
Tavolata at “Tenuta di Paternostro” in Tuscia – Lazio, 2nd of July 2022

This Country Retreat is proudly located in the esoteric land of Tuscia, a unique and fascinating territory. The Estate embraces the dual essence of Tuscia with the aim of offering guests authentic experiences that lead to personal enrichment.

The Tavolata will start with an aperitif with an incredible sunset. Followed by a dinner.

Supper Club # 11

Tavolata at “La Foleia” – Lombardy, 19th of May 2022

La Foleia is a special, recently renovated destination. “Foleia” is the latin word for “follia” which translates into folly, madness. It was first imagined, then realized with art, courage and determination. Once an oak forest, it became a property with a 4000 sqm circle of water filled with a private, natural spring from the Ticino river. On the lake’s two opposite shores are two mirrored houses; one has an octagonal plan, with French windows that frame the water and the statues that adorn its edges from the living room. The other, a neoclassical pavilion, with large windows that open onto a stairway that accompany you into the lake. Around it, like curtains adorning the edges of your home, an unmissable variety of trees, plants and flowers, a secret, unimaginable garden, that can’t even be fathomed from the gate outside.

Tavolata @ Venissa

Supper Club # 10 – SOLD OUT

Tavolata at “Venissa Wine Resort” Venetian Lagoon – Veneto, 30th of April 2022

Venissa, on the island of Mazzorbo, opens the doors of the estate to take you to discover the walled vineyard where the native grape variety of the lagoon, the Dorona, grows and let you discover the wines that are born in this unique place. You will be able to immerse yourself in these incomparable landscapes while savoring the uniqueness of Venissa wines, born of the perfect symbiosis between grape variety and terroir that exists in this magical place. Just a few steps away from Burano.

Tavolata @ Rantan Farmhouse

Supper Club # 9 – SOLD OUT

Tavolata at “Rantan Farmhouse” – Piedmont, 27th of February 2022

A microfarm where people can eat. Everyone sits and eats together at a communal table in a home setting.

Respecting the needs and limits of their land, Carol and Francesco work with the best products from their fields and source with careful consideration from neighbours who share their values. They work with a natural cycle, cooking with fresh produce and preserving them at the height of harvest to prepare for leaner seasons—a combination that delivers an experience full of flavours and textures.

Tavolata @ Cucina Privata

Supper Club # 8 – SOLD OUT

Tavolata at “Cucina Privata” – Florence – Tuscany, 19th of February 2022

The real and only protagonist of the Cucina Privata project is the Kitchen, desired on sight and in continuous evolution, linked to traditional recipes, not only local but also international. The philosophy is that of a home cooking, revisited and lightened in a gourmet key, characterized by quality raw materials, not only at 0 km but also from other territories, respecting typicality, producers and culture. A large convivial concrete table, tailor-made by a Florentine artist, characterizes Cucina Privata, under the banner of a vision of food no longer as a simple act of nourishment, but as an important moment of aggregation, sharing, an exchange of emotions. A lot of attention is paid to the care of the table as a sign of further welcome towards guests, small personalized gestures to feel welcomed and pampered at 360 degrees.

Tavolata @ Palazzo Monti

Supper Club # 7 – SOLD OUT

Tavolata at “Palazzo Monti” – Brescia – Lombardy, 29th of January 2022

In the heart of Brescia, stands a 13th century palace decorated with frescoes from 1750.
Turned into dynamic workshops, its spaces regain a new life: here, from early morning until late at night national and international artists are invited to share their everyday life and experience several artistic practices: painting, photography, sculpture, visual arts and design while delving into a unique and creative environment.

Tavolata @ Al Trabucco di Mimi

Supper Club # 6 – Sold Out

Tavolata at “Al Trabucco da Mimì” – Puglia, 11th of September 2021

Restaurant Al Trabucco di Mimi is situated on the rocky coastline of Punta San Nicola, one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Gargano National Park, near the town of Peschici. A land rich in splendor, where people have fortified themselves with Mediterranean determination, creating trabucchi, ingenous pieces of wooden architecture which are suspended over the sea and used for fishing.

Tavolata in the “Wheat Field”

Supper Club # 5 – Sold Out

“Tavolata in the Wheat Field” – Sicily, 7th of September 2021

An old farmhouse now converted into spaces for hospitality. A space that allows you to come into contact with one of the many souls of Sicily, made up of inebriating colours and fragrances, centuries-old traditions and rites. And here, rite is celebrated all around nature: genuine spaces of quiet for relaxation, seasonal ingredients served every day at table, oven-fresh bread made with the olive oil of the estate, the blue of the swimming pool set in the green Mediterranean macchia, walks amid fields of grain and authentic sounds, those of nature.

Nest Italy: Tavolata a Spazio Sogni

Supper Club # 4 – Sold out 

Tavolata at “Sogni” – Tresigallo, 27th of June 2021

A few kilometers from De Chirico’s Ferrara, Rossoni’s dream of creating a utopian city took shape which, seen today, seventy years later, still resembles an escape from reality. This is Tresigallo.

Imagine being able to enter and dine in a building that has as its sign the word “Sogni” (Dreams).
And therefore, join us and dream!

Tavolata @ Spazio Mandorla

Supper Club # 3 – Sold Out 

Tavolata at Spazio Mandorla – Turin, 5th of June 2021

You know that we are known for finding unique locations. We fell in love with this Spazio Mandorla because it emanates a strong positive energy. The simple but not obvious design will make you feel like in another dimension. The space was born as a room for yoga and meditation, the cuisine we will offer you will be vegetarian. Tavolata in collaboration with Ortociclone, will pamper you for an evening of joy and sharing.

Tavolata @ Delta del Po

Supper Club # 2 – Sold Out

Secret Location – Delta del Po, Emilia Romagna – 13th of December 2020

We usually prefer evenings for an intimate moment like Tavolata. In this case, we have chosen lunch time to let you enjoy a day in the lagoon, near the Delta del Po and Bosco della Mesola.
We have found this unique and characteristic location. Tavolata will take place in a private house (home restaurant), offering an aperitif on the pier, if the weather allows. The exact location will only be shown to confirmed guests.

Tavolata @ Ummamma

Supper Club # 1 

Tavolata x Umamma The Loft + Special Guest – Tuscany, 31st of October 2020

Umamma is an incredible loft in San Miniato, Tuscany, with an amazing view of the Tuscan hills and an awarded swimming pool that you can reach from a secret passage.

Umamma opens its doors to the first Tavolata Supper Club, starting from 7pm with an intimate concert in a surprising place.

Tavolata @ Castello di Vicarello

Tavolata Opening at Castello di Vicarello – Tuscany, 19th of September 2020

Our first Tavolata event will take place in the Tuscan countryside. We fell in love with Castello di Vicarello, a 12th century castle hotel nestled in the untouched region of Maremma, with sweeping views over rolling hills towards the Tyrrhenian Sea — positioned halfway between Rome and Florence.

Tavolata is also available for Private Events, Bespoke Experiences for Luxury Brands, Wedding Proposals & Small Weddings.

Contact us to receive more information & the Wedding Brochure. 


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