Tavolata at Rantan Farm House

Tavolata at Rantan Farm House

February 27th, 2022
13:00 pm

A microfarm where people can eat. Everyone sits and eats together at a communal table in a home setting.

Carol and Francesco are a couple united by love and a visionary life project. It’s called Rantan, and it’s their shared dream. Their very different stories met in Copenhagen, in the kitchen of one of the most famous and avant-garde restaurants in the world, Relae. A forge of ideas, creativity and values.
She is from New York, has a BA in Literature and experiences in restaurants such as Per Se and Noma. In its heart, pastry and bakery have a special place. His bread is poetry.
He is Piedmontese, born in the Canavese area, where wine and gastronomic traditions have a special bond with the identity of the people. Cook by profession and farmer by vocation. He chose to spend a period of his life in the south of France working on organic farms and learning to cultivate with respect for the land.
They fell in love in the kitchen, they imagined and built their farmhouse in an old stone farmhouse in Valchiusella. Today Rantan is a nest where everything is taken care of like at home. Around the convivial table, inside their kitchen, you can find the authentic flavors of the raw materials from their garden, the cheeses of the small producers of the valley, the scent of the oven. A place where everything is authentic, familiar, real.

Ticket: 75 € p.p.

Green pass is required in order to participate to this event.

The ticket includes a glass of welcome drink, a 6-8 course tasting menu based on products from the Farm House’s garden, wine, waterfall, filter coffee or herbal tea of ​​your choice.

The menu will not be disclosed until the day of the event, so do let us know of any serious allergies beforehand and the kitchen will be glad to cater for you.

For more info: [email protected]

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