Marketing Services
for Italian Brands

Our goal is to promote Made in Italy at 360 °


If you are an accommodation facility (Hotel or Villa), a brand, a restaurant or an artist and you are looking for a channel that can talk about you, contact us. We design and produce campaigns with the goal to increase awareness and support you positioning on the market.

We offer different marketing & communication packages such as: 

Advertising via social media with post and stories and/or with our website. Es. with Instagram (65.400 followers) and the Nest’s Journal.  

Brand Development: We will help you to create and distinguish your company’s image, products and services from your competitors.

Social Media Management & Content Creation: our Team will will tell about your reality showing its essence.

Website Design: Outstanding website design can help you make a lasting impression. Our Team has traveled the world and worked for important studios and brands, and will know how to represent you in a fresh and international way.

Photography & Graphic Design: Our Team of photographers and graphic designers have photographed the best structures in Italy, often seen also as “influencers“, you will surely be happy with their work and they will certainly bring a lot of publicity too. Our graphics team will not disappoint you either.

Video Production: promotional videos, video clips and documentaries. We offers tailor-made solutions and take care of every aspect of the manufacturing process, from conception to post production.

– Consulting: Maria Elena, our founder, has years of experience in the Hospitality sector as Operations Manager. She easily visualizes the strengths and weaknesses of each business and can advise you on where to improve. You can visit her linkedin profile here

Our goal is to create positive synergies aimed at promoting our beautiful country in a fresh way and in step with the times.


Email us about your business and your goals to get a proposal from our Team.

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