Tavolata w/ BriteMobile, SanBrite Cortina

Tavolata w/ BriteMobile, SanBrite Cortina

7th of July 2023

h. 12:30 pm

The SanBrite restaurant in Cortina D’Ampezzo conveys the way chef Riccardo Gaspari experiences his land: the tradition of a milk milked in the morning, the taste of a pine tree, the smell of a goat, the mountain, the forest. For him, cooking means transforming the scent of the woods into an experience for the palate and soul.

How can we make this experience even more immersive if not by translating the kitchen itself into the open air, at over 2,000 meters above sea level. Thus was born the Brite Mobile project, an exclusive culinary experience with a breathtaking perspective on the majesty of the Alps.

Ticket: 390  p.p. for a 5 course menu and pairing of organic wines

The menu will not be disclosed until the day, so do let us know of any serious allergies beforehand and the kitchen will be glad to cater for you.

There’s the chance of booking your stay in Cortina through Nest.
Kindly mention this to our Tavolata Team during your request and they will be happy to provide to all your needs.

For more info & bookings: [email protected]

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