Tavolata @Food Ensemble

Tavolata w/ Food Ensemble @Fusillo Lab

27th of January 2024

Time: 8:00 pm

“Intimate version of our performance where we converse with people on a journey through flavors and sounds. Each dish will have a sound sampled before the eyes of the guests and will blend with music played or played on vinyl” Food Ensemble

A sound composition performed with the sounds of the food you savor. A dish to be enjoyed with all the senses. In the culinary realm, the kitchen’s symphony unfolds, where the right frequencies elevate flavors to new heights. Noises metamorphose into vivid memories, weaving melodies that resonate with deep emotions. As every dish comes to life, the magic of sound enriches the dining experience, immersing you in a world where tastes and melodies dance in perfect harmony, leaving an unforgettable impression on your senses.

Ticket package: 100  p.p.  

includes welcome drink (Lallier Champagne) + Several courses
wines + water and Vergnano coffee

The theme of the menu is: Futurism

The menu will not be disclosed until the day, so do let us know of any serious allergies beforehand and the kitchen will be glad to cater for you.

For more info & bookings: [email protected]

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