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Vino Vero @vino__vero

The Wine Bar in Venice. An obligatory stop, a reference point for tourists and locals and a place not to be missed.

Da Bepi @Trattoria Da Bepi Già “54”

A tavern where the product is put in the foreground. The selection of traditional and historical appetizers of the house, fried flies, spaghetti “Loris” with squid ink and natural wines. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

Venissa @venissa_tenuta

On the island of Mazzorbo stands Venissa: a restaurant, a tavern, a resort and an almost enchanted project.
The restaurant in the hands of Chefs Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto offers an experience closely linked to the lagoon, including herbs, vegetables from the property’s garden and fish from the lagoon.

Venissa Osteria Contemporanea @venissa_tenuta

Within the same estate as the Michelin-starred restaurant, Venissa Osteria Contemporanea offers a more informal experience where modern cuisine takes up traditional dishes and lagoon flavors. The bar, open every day, is also the perfect place to have a drink at sunset surrounded by vineyards.

Glam Enrico Bartolini @palazzovenart

In a breathtaking location, inside Palazzo Venart on the Grand Canal, Chef Donato Ascani offers a cuisine of herbs and lagoon fish. Direct, exciting.

Harry’s Dolci @cipriani

A name, a guarantee. Harry’s Dolci, a bar and restaurant on the Giudecca, open from spring to autumn, offers one of the most evocative locations in Venice and classic Italian and international cuisine.

Cantina Do Spade @cantinadospade

Since 1448, it has been one of the oldest taverns in Venice. A point of reference for a very long time now. Cicchetti? Try them all to start the day in the best possible way.

Bacaro da Fiore @bacarodafiore

Blackboards hang on the walls with the dishes of the day, cicchetti in plain sight behind the window, and barrels that serve as tables. Fiore, not to be confused with the Michelin-starred restaurant, is one of those historic places where you can eat well on a budget in the center of Venice (yes, they still exist).

All’Arco (lunch only) @allarcovenezia

Maybe THE bacaro par excellence. Behind the Rialto Market it is only open until 14.30, it is worth arriving at 10:00 and spending the morning here.

Antiche Carampane

A family-run restaurant now in its third generation. Tucked away between the Rialto Market and Campo San Polo, it offers fish cuisine that tells the story of tradition. When in season, absolutely try the tagliatelle with Granseola.

Anice Stellato  @osterianicestellato

A modern tavern that has become a point of reference in the city in just a few years. Here the lagoon is respected, small producers are chosen and you eat and drink really well.

Estro vino e cucina @estrovinoecucina

A young and fresh bistro where you can let yourself be guided by the often changing menu that tells the story of the lagoon and the beautiful selection of natural wines.

Ai do leoni – also cocktail bar @ai_do_leoni

Near Piazza San Marco, there is a bar with colored lights, animated from late afternoon until after dinner. Creative cocktails and appetizers to match.

Osteria San Isepo @osteriasanisepo

From breakfast to dinner, this historic tavern has recently been renovated by the same owners of the Bacaro Ae Bricoe. Natural wines and tapas in the Province of Venice.

Il Sogno – Mirano (Venezia) @trattoriailsogno

The name says it all. A farmhouse in Mirano, with a beautiful garden and several rooms where you can taste traditional cuisine with dishes that are often difficult to find elsewhere. Not to be missed: fresh bigots with the three sauces.

Al Cjasal – San Michele al Tagliamento (Venezia) @al_cjasal

The “country restaurant” of the Manias family that tells the story of a borderland between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia in a dynamic menu that can be adapted, even in the portions, to the needs of the customer. Stefano and Mattia Manias, back home after numerous experiences in haute cuisine, dialogue with the territory, using above all the vegetable garden they own.
Province of Vicenza.

Paeto – Cartigliano (Vicenza) @trattoria.paeto.cartigliano

A traditional Vicenza trattoria that stands where carriage horses were restored in the early 1900s and where one day the grandparents of the Basso family inaugurated the long journey of the trattoria with a horse stew and polenta. Today at Paeto, the tradition linked to horse meat is still on the table, along with many dishes and products linked to the territory.


Bar Nazionale

When in Padua you can’t miss a walk in Piazza delle Erbe and a more stop at the Bar Nazionale for a late breakfast or a quick lunch with their fantastic sandwiches (and a spritz).

Folperia @lafolperia_official

A few meters from the Bar Nazionale, in Piazza della Frutta, the Folperia awaits you, Max and Barbara’s kiosk now an obligatory stop for tourists in the city. Must: the polyptoto seasoned with green sauce, lemon, salt and pepper.

Strada facendo @ristorantestradafacendopadova

An ethical restaurant, where food meets art and generosity and where you can also eat well.

Taverna degli Artisti – Cittadella (Padova) @tavernadegliartisti

If you are planning a visit to Cittadella, but even if you are not, take a day to walk in this wonderful village and stop at the Taverna degli Artisti, without hesitation.


Bue Nero @bue_nero

A modern steakhouse in the heart of Verona where Chef Chiara Pannozzo, in addition to meat dishes, offers appetizers, fresh pasta dishes and side dishes that aim at unusual combinations and delicacies. Not to be missed: courses made from entrails.

Buns @bunsverona

If you’re in the mood for a proper burger, you’ll have no problem in Verona. Buns will change your day. Don’t be shy, try the less classic versions and, of course, the chips.

Madres @madresverona

Japanese tradition meets Mediterranean ingredients for an experience – even at the counter – that is super attentive to detail.

Osteria da Morandin @osteria_damorandin

A traditional Venetian and Veronese tavern. Bigoli col musso, horse tartare, cod alla piacentina. Go in and taste the whole menu.

Enoteca della Valpolicella – Fumane (Verona) @enotecadellavalpolicella

Between hills and vineyards, an elegant and welcoming environment with a proposal that tells the story of the territory in a sincere, genuine and simply exquisite way.

Ai Tigli – San Bonifacio (Verona) @itigli_simonepadoan

Simone Padoan’s unique and contemporary vision will make you appreciate and interpret pizza in a whole new way. You can put street food aside and enter a new universe.


La Peca – Lonigo (Vicenza) @lapeca_ristorante

Awarded with two Michelin stars and one green star, La Peca offers an elegant design environment with views of the Vicenza hills where Chef Nicola Portinari offers his idea of creative cuisine. Leave yourself a nice little place for desserts!

Osteria Madonnetta – Marostica (Vicenza) @osteria_madonnetta

One of those taverns that you only hear good things about, by everyone, always. Inside a historic building, with a garden open all year round, traditional dishes and the well-being that only the taverns of the past are able to offer.

Osteria Terraglio – Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) @osteria_terraglio

A restaurant, once a wine shop, where wine is king. To accompany the wide selection of labels, a selection of selected products and a menu that focuses on comfort and taste.

La Tana Gourmet & Osteria della Tana – Asiago (Vicenza) @latanagourmet

On the one hand, the gastronomic restaurant with a unique tasting menu that tells the story of the altitudes of the mountains and accompanies the tasting with music combined with tastes, on the other a tavern open all year round where you can meet tradition carried out to perfection. This is the world of Chef Alessandro Dal Degan, in Asiago.


Antico Morer @anticomorer

Near the Cathedral of Treviso, this restaurant is the perfect destination for a fish dinner, especially if you are a big lover of raw food. The location is elegant and bright and the welcome of Gaetano, Federico and Piera will make the difference.

Locanda Baggio – Asolo (Treviso) @locanda_baggio

A historic inn of the Baggio family, where Nino and his brigade reinterpret tradition in a modern way in a restaurant with a beautiful summer garden in the village of Asolo.

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