Caffè Vergnano’s Pink Dream

Women in Coffee is Caffè Vergnano’s women-focused social sustainability initiative inspired by CEO Carolina Vergnano’s dream and launched in 2018.

Thanks to a partnership with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), a feminine dialogue was initiated with the regions where coffee is grown, culminating in the realization of two tangible projects: a roasting facility in a plantation in the Dominican Republic run by 21 women, and a library for families on a plantation in Honduras, which now includes an Academy to teach the art of coffee extraction.

A meeting of shared values

Women in Coffee is not just a charity project but a journey towards social sustainability supported by entrepreneurs and our consumers. It’s about a convergence of shared values that start from a cup of coffee and speak to female empowerment, inclusion, and respect.

A pink collection to raise funds

The Pink Collection was created to support the initiative, featuring around 30 products. Sales from this collection contribute to fund projects in coffee plantations, as well as associations like Telefono Rosa and the D.i.Re Association, which assist women victims of violence.

Women in Coffee horeca project

Women in Coffee has also evolved into a comprehensive horeca project: 54 female entrepreneurs in Italy and 20 abroad have chosen to serve Women in Coffee blend in their venues, thus contributing to the fundraising.

Federica Pellegrini as the face of Women in Coffee

Federica Pellegrini, one of the greatest swimmers in world history, has become the face of Women in Coffee, championing a project that focuses on women’s strength, courage, and desire to achieve their goals. The collaboration has led to significant initiatives: in 2024, ten scholarships will be awarded through the Women in Coffee project for the Fede Academy, supporting young talents and their passion for swimming. Federica will continue to play a key role in the future, with new significant initiatives planned.

The future of Women in Coffee

Looking ahead, Women in Coffee aims to open more “Pink Academies” in coffee-producing regions, striving to be a pillar and guiding light for women in business. It embodies a dream that blossoms daily, driven by innovative ideas, aspirations, and tangible efforts.



4th of March 2024

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