Bianco Tartufi: In Truffle We Trust

The Bianco Tartufi project was born from a deep passion for the territory and in particular for the truffle.

The truffle, representative and protagonist of Piedmont for centuries, through the narrated legends and the seasonal rarity has become the subject of international study and a source of pride for Albaand the whole region.

Among Bianco Tartufi priorities, there is the recovery of forgotten areas, where spontaneous vegetation reigns, the soil is not contaminated by pesticides for agricultural use and the truffle plants are able to create a perfect symbiosis with the earth and the mycelium present in everything our territory.

Ph Letizia Cigliutti

Truffle Search

Numerous research in groups can be carried out starting from a minimum of 4 people.

The research experience is a real trekking activity that takes place in a natural truffle ground, or in a truffle-growing forest where naturally different truffle species grow, depending on the time of year.
The dog used is the Lagotto Romagnolo, the only breed recognized by ENCI for truffle hunting in Italy and, in addition to practical experience, an educational lesson on everything related to the world of truffles is also provided.

Bianco Tartufi provides a transport service for up to 6 people, but remember that the area can be reached by your own means at the agreed meeting point from which the truffle search.

Each species has its precise harvesting time, book your tour based on the type of truffle you want to look for. As is known, being trifulau is not easy, because truffles often grow in areas that are little traveled or hard to reach. In the woods owned by Bianco Tartufi, in fact, you can live this experience as a tourist or as a true trifulau, meeting the real difficulties faced by searchers with their trusted friends.


From September 21st to January 31st


From December 1st to March 15th


From 1 June to 31 August From 21 September to 30 November

To book your experience: [email protected]

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