Contemporary inspiration in the island of Sicily

Welcome to Buahjar, of Arabic etymology, “meadow of stones.” It is here that, almost as if created by a natural event rather than by human hands, the grand house stands majestically in the green. Buahjar is a place that becomes a temple for those who wish to reconnect with the sounds of nature, embracing a dimension that integrates modernity with minimalist design and the luxury of comfort.

The Levante room, ideal for 2 guests, with its minimalist design, shows various materials with different textures and guides guests through a sensory stay: every element is designed to evoke emotion.

Suite 120 is a private apartment at Buahjar, equipped with every comfort and it is completely independent from the rest of the villa. With a large island kitchen, suite guests can indulge in cooking delicious dishes with local ingredients, vegetables, and cheeses from local farmers and breeders, discovering the authentic flavors of Sicilian tradition. The kitchen is located in the winter garden, an oasis separated from the outside greenery by large transparent windows, allowing guests to cook and dine in the mild shade. Ideal for a family or those seeking a small corner of paradise as a soul retreat, Suite120 also has a panoramic rooftop pool to enjoy the vast surrounding landscape in total privacy and relaxation and it is ideal for a maximum of 3 guests.

For a stay up to 7 guests choose the entire villa (Home+Levante+Suite 120) with its expansive and continuous spaces, light that narrates the place, landscapes characterized by olive groves and vineyards to be enjoyed during the special hours of the day, and the soundscape of the Sicilian countryside. A stay that becomes an experience and an intimate connection with the place.

The pool in the front garden becomes a complementary space, offering refreshment and relaxation to body and mind, with a wellness area immersed in greenery, where guests, if they wish, can enjoy massage therapy.

Choose Buahjar and its stunning view and enjoy a true Sicilian experience.

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15th of February 2024

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