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Winter is just around the corner and with it the awaited planning of the much-loved holidays in the snow.

Perfect for winter sports lovers but not only, the mountain escapes are for many an indispensable tradition of the colder months.
The activities that can be carried out are many: walks in the snow, skiing in the beautiful areas of our country, visiting the mountain villages or simply being together in front of a warm fireplace sipping hot chocolate.

The regions of northern Italy thus become the ideal destination for those who decide to embark on this journey and today we want to take you with us to discover some local beauties, where you can also stay in our warm and welcoming Nests.

The first place, and the most famous with regard to this type of holiday, is certainly Trentino-Alto Adige, a land of imposing peaks, majestic and dense nature, fairy-tale landscapes and enchanting places.
This region is located in the northern part of Italy at the borders with Austria and Switzerland, and here we can find, in addition to the autonomous provinces of Bolzano and Trento, some of the most suggestive mountain ranges and peaks in Italy and Europe.
Although it is also very popular in the summer, this place unleashes its full potential in the winter months becoming one of the favorite destination during the “Settimane bianche”, giving the opportunity to live numerous attractions such as the hundreds of kilometers of ski slopes, the countless spa resorts, the alpine villages and the natural landscape very often untouched.

Definitely not to be missed in the winter months is Bolzano, a town located in the heart of the Dolomites and one of the most fascinating historical centers of our Alps. Its architecture, as well as its history, is divided between the Italian and the German one, which it still has deep roots today. Unmissable are its Christmas markets that attract tourists from all over and the walks through the alleys of the center, characterized by ancient buildings with different artistic influences and by numerous hotels, inns, bars and typical restaurants where you will be able to experience and taste the local delicacies .
A well-known attraction is also that of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, where the mummy of Otzi, also known as the “mummy of the Similaun”, is kept.

We then move towards Ortisei, an authentic village full of charm located in Val Gardena, at a height of over 1200 m a.s.l.; town rich in tradition, it is best known for the popular art of wood carving and the consequent numerous wooden sculptures present in various places. Ortisei, surrounded by mountains, is in a strategic position and therefore becomes the ideal starting point for those who want to venture on excursions and ski trips.

Another city that deserves a visit is Merano, small and located in the heart of the region, also known as “Spa village” due to the numerous wellness centers which take place here, both for people suffering from pathologies and for travelers in search of relaxation.
In fact, in the centre, we find the Terme di Merano, a remarkably large structure capable of accommodating many people.
Native of both German and Italian, this combination offers a unique mix of gastronomy, culture, languages and traditions.
The historic center is the most authentic hub of the city and the succession of many Porticos, called del Fiume and della Montagna, cross entire streets and frame characteristic buildings and a very traditional architecture.
A walk among the stalls of the suggestive Merano markets is a must, a tradition that has been carried on for many years and which brings together local artisans and merchants.

Last but not least known, indeed renowned for its worldliness, we have Madonna di Campiglio. Also called the “pearl of the Dolomites” and at a height of over 1500 meters above the sea, it is considered one of the most famous ski resorts in the region and in the entire Alpine arc.
Today the town is one of the winter holiday destinations of excellence, equipped with numerous luxury accommodation and night clubs, and chosen by many famous personalities from sports and entertainment. A classic mountain village that brings out all its typical splendor especially in the winter season, when the roofs of the houses are covered with a substantial layer of snow, the lights of the Christmas lights become the protagonist and people stroll through the narrow streets of the centre.

Another incentive to go to Trentino is to taste its traditional cuisine, obviously with rustic and mountain features, but made up of delicacies not to be missed. Simple dishes but with strong and tasty flavors, cooked with local products and inspired by the Alpine culture, characterized by good taste and diversity thanks to the coexistence of two traditions that are mixed together. Like any mountain place cannot miss products such as cheeses from the mountain pastures, a large variety of cured meats, polenta, the typical selvaggina, mushroom-based dishes and soups; speck is particularly famous, with which many of the typical Trentino dishes are made, such as the very famous Canederli.
Last but not least, a protagonist of the local gastronomy, mainly used for delicious desserts, is the Val di Non apple, used in the preparation of the famous apple strudel. There are also numerous quality wines, including Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot, Chardonnay or the excellent sparkling wines of the area, which will accompany the abundant dinners that you will enjoy in the local trattorie under the arcades, in the farmhouses on the mountains, in the refuges on the ski slopes and in private cellars.

To stay in this beautiful area of Italy, just consult our portfolio of structures, where there are numerous Nests, different from each other but all united by great charm and authenticity. Among these we find Mirror Houses, a design accommodation located in South Tyrol, which develops itself into two distinct structures both equipped with 2/4 beds, a living area with kitchen and separate bathrooms. The location is strategic as this residence is located just a few minutes from Bolzano, while not giving up the beauties of the authentic nature of the South Tyrolean Dolomites.
The houses, where maximum privacy is guaranteed by different entrances, enjoy a contemporary and modern architecture which however highlights the surrounding natural environment.
The skylights above the beds are very suggestive, making the internal space one with the external and giving the idea of sleeping in close contact with the surrounding nature.


Nest Italy: Mirror Residence

Nest Italy: Mirror Residence


Another very beautiful facility is My Arbor, a suggestive hotel built up on trees and located in the heart of South Tyrol. The key to this stay will be contact with nature, made possible by the extraordinary location of this modern retreat.
The hotel is spread over a large area and, in addition to the numerous rooms, there is the possibility of staying in an exceptional suite, which enjoys the best overview of the structure and is also equipped with a private relaxation area. The Spa Arboris is very beautiful, a relaxation area of over 2500 square meters, where it will be possible to enjoy moments of relaxation in the saunas, treatments and other activities.


Nest Italy: My Arbor


If, on the other hand, you are looking for a stay dedicated to escaping from everyday life, Seehof Nature Retreat near Bolzano is the perfect place you were looking for. A place where nature and design come together to give life to a place where time acquires another value and where beauty, in all its forms, becomes the protagonist of the entire experience. The design and the architecture of this place are sober and functional; conscious is the use of the materials used and with an eye to the future of design innovation.
In the rooms, fifty to be exact and different in type, it will be possible to enjoy a breathtaking view, without renouncing the warmth and comfort of a modern structure. The accommodation has a renowned restaurant, where you can enjoy excellent breakfasts and tasty meals, and a wellness center equipped with various services.


Nest Italy - Seehof Nature Retreat


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Another region famous for its luxury mountain holidays is Veneto, a land of beauties ranging from art, nature, culture and food and wine. Also a region of north-eastern Italy and famous for countless reasons, it is chosen as a destination for winter holidays by many Italians and nons, who decide to spend these periods enjoying the snow of the famous Cortina d’Ampezzo.


Nest Italy: Mountain SPA Resort in Cortina


Located in the heart of the Venetian Alps, Cortina is a mountain resort well known into the world, a symbol of wealth and worldliness, a destination of excellence for mountain lovers and chosen as the next venue for the 2026 Winter Olympics. Renowned above all for its skiing is in fact endowed with an area of over 140 kilometers which attracts skiers and snow lovers from different parts of Italy and the world.
Not only skiing, but also lots of fun, various sports, relaxation, shopping and good food. But also museums, culture and art of the history of the 1900s, and lots of local crafts; in fact, while walking in the main streets of Cortina, it will be possible to have an overview of many shops that carry on the traditions of the Made in Italy excellencies. Many clubs and restaurants, both luxury and more traditional, where the local cuisine is the main protagonist and is accompanied by the excellent hospitality and friendliness of the locals. Undoubtedly the culinary tradition is influenced by the Tyrolean tradition and in fact we find very similar typical dishes, such as canederli, as well as various types of ravioli, meat, selvaggina, polenta and soups.

A structure where you can stay near Cortina is Hotel Dolomiti Lodge Alverà, a modern, refined and elegant hotel that offers every type of comfort. A place with a unique style that highlights the natural materials used for the project, which blend together to create truly refined environments. The rooms, different in type, are all spacious and comfortable and the attention to mountain-style design is clearly recurrent. This structure is equipped with a wellness area with a heated swimming pool, ideal for enjoying days of relaxation and tranquillity. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to taste the traditional Ampezzo’s cuisine inside the restaurant, enjoying numerous local products and a wide selection of wines and liqueurs.


Nest Italy: Dolomiti Lodge Alverà

Nest Italy: Dolomiti Lodge Alverà


Then, just five minutes by car from Cortina, we find Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, a familiar and hospitable accommodation facility, which highlights the nordic-alpine style and the natural elements of the place and where the comfortable and elegant atmosphere will allow you to enjoy a noteworthy stay. The style of the place is based on the use of local materials, the design is contemporary and authentic and the rooms, some of which are suites, are rich in details and designed to enhance a domestic and relaxed atmosphere.
In the spa we can see the same conscious design, where the materials communicate directly with the surrounding environment, recreating a wellness area divided into different spaces and equipped with outdoor and indoor pools, treatment rooms, sensory pathways and a fitness area. Also present is the restaurant, together with the bistro and the lounge bar, perfect for savoring the traditions of local cuisine.


Nest Italy: Mountain SPA Resort in Cortina


We now move to the north-west and finally arrive in Val d’Aosta, the smallest region of Italy, also famous for its high peaks and admired by winter-sports and fairy-tale landscapes lovers. The region is always splendid all year round, but during the winter it becomes a destination of excellence thanks to its alpine resorts, numerous restaurants, including starred ones, snow-capped Mont Blanc and places such as Cervinia and Courmayeur.


Nest Italy: Chalet Hotel & Spa a Courmayeur


Valle d’Aosta conquers its guests with the mastery of hospitality and the taste of the pure alpine tradition; lots of experiences not to be missed and unique moments, made possible by the variety of activities, on and off the snow, which will make your escape truly magnificent.
Not only skiing and days in the snow, but also numerous wellness programs and spa centres, the possibility of visiting authentic towns and the discovery of numerous food and wine products. The local Aosta Valley cuisine, in fact, is rich in high quality food that highlights a tradition based on rusticity and in the enhancement of simple but tasty products. Among the most famous dishes we find the classic cheese fondue, of French inspiration, the polenta concia and the various types of delicious selvaggina meat. As in every mountain location, cannot miss cured meats, soups, the many alpine cheeses, sweets made with local products and various liqueurs. Surely, the best known locality of the region, together with its capital Aosta, is the famous Courmayeur. Internationally renowned tourist destination that stands at the foot of the imposing Mont Blanc, this town highlights its alpine soul and its authenticity in every corner. The attention to detail is the protagonist in every aspect of this village, in the accommodation facilities in particular, but also in the restaurants, in the numerous clubs, in the shops and also in terms of the landscape. With over 100 kilometers of ski slopes, this place, which welcomes skiers and snow lovers from all over the world, is high in the ranking of offers of winter activities. A curiosity is that the first robeway lift was born here, precisely in 1908, followed 30 years later by the construction of the first cableway, which thus makes the mountain and its beauties an accessible place for many.
This locality, very popular even in summer, remains today one of the most popular destinations for mountain lovers; contact with nature will be the protagonist of your stay, which will be dedicated to peace and relaxation, even if it will still be possible not to give up a worldly and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

With an exceptional view of Mont Blanc we find Auberge de La Maison, an accommodation facility that is based on tradition and love for hospitality, which highlights the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and which makes details and their care a central point of the place. At 1300 meters above sea level, this alpine-style accommodation will welcome you within its warm walls, where you will enjoy moments of relax in front of the fireplace, enraptured by the charm of this mountain house.
The rooms, made with wood as the protagonist, enjoy particular attention to detail and the material and alpine design give the spaces a distinctive and particular character. The structure is equipped with a beautiful Spa, where guests can retire to enjoy a corner of peace and relaxation and where it will be possible to rediscover perfect harmony with nature. The cuisine, which highlights local and quality products, comes from the careful search for refinement and the Restaurant together with the Bar, also open to external guests, enjoy a wonderful room with a breathtaking view of the spectacular Mont Blanc.


Mountain House Hotel in Courmayeur - Valle d'Aosta


In conclusion we can affirm that, each of these destinations together with each of our Nests in the mountains will let you live unique moments and emotions that will hardly be forgotten. The pleasure of an holiday on the snow, whether you spend it with your family, as a couple or with friends, is certainly a healthy and regenerating touch not only for the body but also for the mind, a luxury that each one of us should allow for itself at least once a year.


Nest Italy - White Deer

Written by Martina Paganoni: @evasiondecharme

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