Naturalis Bio Resort

Salento and Martano welcome us on a pleasant and inviting sunny spring day and we are intrigued by our visit to Naturalis Resort & Spa.

The Scordari family have been the initiator of the cultivation of Aloe for several years, a plant that brings many benefits not only related to beauty.

Salento Aloe Puglia

At the Reception the staff immediately welcome you with a refreshing Aloe and Pomegranate juice before entering the heart of the property. Nature and greenery as far as the eye can see in an immediate embrace.
The Naturalis is spread over about 18 hectares of land all cultivated. The main founding products of the company are: Aloe Vera, Wine, Olives, Wheat, and you can see this and breathe it as you look around.

Even the names of the rooms are a reminder of Nature, Fico (fig), Tobacco, Vino (wine) etc, they are all different from each other and are real Suites. Our Fico room with an intense sky blue on the walls and a private en suite Jacuzzi in a beautiful courtyard, is a real gem. 

Olivo Room

Fico Room

Jacuzzi – Fico Room

We were also intrigued by a tower that stands out from the side. Its name is Suite Torre delle Stelle and is spread over three floors with a private spa and swimming pool inside a cave. How much romantic and unique! Has also the Celestial vault as a ceiling, what else could you want?

All that remains is to relax in the wellness and spa area. A true nest of pampering and refinement in materials and details. A ritual path with immersion in a heated pool with waterfall and hydromassage, Turkish bath and treatment of the four elements performed by the expert hands the Spa Manager, based on Scrub with wine and pieces of Aloe cut at the moment (demonstration of the properties of this precious plant). Then exfoliation and massage with oil for a silky skin.


In the relaxation room, finally, in front of the lighted fire in the fireplace and sipping a hot herbal tea, you feel at peace and away from everyday stress. All this makes us appreciate even more this place.

Now for an aperitif and dinner the owners of Naturalis awaited us, who with their sympathy made us feel at home. Their Chef, Francesco Paladino, amazed us with simple local dishes but with great attention to details and very tasty.  We loved our dinner.

The products and the wine are of their production and speaking with them you understand how much passion and also how much enthusiasm they put in this company strongly desired by the head of the family. The name of the Negramaro wine in honor of his father Sire I and the name of the Mater oil in honor of his mother show that true values, family and traditions are in the first place for all of them, even for the children who also follow the company with different skills but with equal love.

The following morning we tasted a delicious breakfast with homemade cakes and aloe based. A great start to a healthy start to the day.

Having to recommend a “Nest” for a holiday of love and relaxation in Puglia, we would certainly recommend the Naturalis Resort.

Complete the possibility of doing Yoga or in the fragrant lemon house adjacent to the rooms or a bath in the outdoor pool in the middle of the greenery or a visit to the greenhouses where Aloe is grown to fully understand the many properties of this plant also for the our health and physical well-being.

We just have to stock up on their rigorously organic beauty products convinced by their professionalism and continuous research for ever greater quality.
We reluctantly leave this oasis of beauty and nature preserved by the owners with so much care, experience and holiday definitely worth repeating.

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5th of April, 2022  –  11:30 am

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