What is NEST Italy?

Each one of us is constantly creating and looking for nests to surround ourselves with.

Nest is the point of reference of Italian hospitality with the aim to create unique experiences purely ‘Made in Italy’.


Starting from the idea that ‘Luxury is a state of mind’ and so we all have different interests and needs, we have carefully selected a list of properties, event locations and products that can help you to find your ideal Nest in Italy.
We collaborate with local artists, brands, property owners and merchants to provide you the finest Italian experience.

The Experiences Are:

  • Retreats – We offer an attentive selection of rooms and properties to book or rent that can be considered the best ones in Italy for design, quality and service. We are constantly looking for a particular design or properties that are already a reference point of Italian hospitality. Such as for example Il San Pietro di Positano, and many others. Plus, we offer a 24/7 Travel concierge service available for you at no extra cost if you book with us. A designated local trip planner coordinates your arrival, departure and everything in between. BOOK


  • Tavolata – is the Nest’s Social Table. You will dine around an intimate communal table to enjoy a seasonal menu by great local Chefs, with the opportunity to meet new people and make interesting connections.
    Diners absorb the magical atmosphere of the local territory and culture in unique locations across Italy such as, for example, art galleries, private homes or in a vineyard in the Tuscan countryside. RESERVE


  • NestArt – Experience Italian artworks in your Retreat or Tavolata. We will bring creations of Italian artists in your rental Retreat or in a Tavolata event. This is the perfect opportunity for you to live a full experience of this beautiful country and its culture. Hospitality and art are nowadays increasingly connected to each other.
    We can also organise private visits to art galleries and museums and we are happy promote Artist Residencies all over Italy. GO


  • Online Shop: Online sale of Made in Italy products from design, homeware & gastronomy. SHOP

Nowadays, the demands for creating bespoke experiences are on the rise. Art, food and beverage, rentals / stays are increasingly connected to each other. We want to promote our own Country in an International and fresh way.


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Come Find Your Nest in Italy

January 30th, 2021  –  13:00 pm

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