Grand Rocher

Nest Italy: Chalet Hotel & Spa a Courmayeur

Grand Rocher

70 squares meters

The Rocher Suite communicates with the Bois Alpin room and together they create the Grand Rocher Suite, a large 70 m2 suite which can accommodate up to 6 people.

Up to 6 guests  –  2 Double beds   –  2 baths


Room features:

living room with bathtub

a bedroom and a bathroom with a waterfall shower

In the Suite there is a TV with Sky channels






Other infos:

General inclusions

Our rooms smell of wood, the material spirit of hospitality and alpine welcome. Some rooms are inspired by real mountain huts, others have a more romantic style. In some there is a fireplace, in others a wooden mezzanine or Mont Blanc framed by a large window. They all overlook a spectacular nature, they are renovated frequently and always with great attention to detail: among precious fabrics, traditional Valle d’Aosta furniture, antiques, enchanting paintings. The touch, the great attention to cleanliness, the taste and the wisdom of the Garin family pervades every room in the hotel, transmitting the true tradition of living well.

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