Luxury House Apartment in Rome

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Luxury House Apartment in Rome

Crossing the threshold into this City Lodge, situated directly on Piazza Navona, is like stepping into all the richness of Roman history. Standing on the little balcony of the Stanza del Papa (Pope’s Room) and watching passersby taking an evening stroll in front of the delightful Fountain of the Four Rivers, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, feels like falling through time. Anyone who looks up at the façade of the baroque Palazzo Pamphilj, which was built by Pope Innocent X in the seventeenth century as a symbol of his family’s power, can’t help but be taken aback by the splendor of this architectural masterpiece. The epochs blur together, leaving behind only the light of the Eternal City and the feeling of being part of something grand. Of something as indefinable and boundless as Rome itself.

This luxurious 350-m2 space is not only graced by stunning baroque frescoes and situated within a palazzo built by the genius architect Francesco Borromini, but also buzzes with an intriguing story of the forbidden love between a pope and his sister-in-law, Olimpia Pamphilj.

If we were to summarize the essence of this home in a single word, we would surely choose the Italian word meraviglia. Its meaning goes beyond “marvel” or “splendor” to encompass also “surprise” and “wonderment.” The very concept of meraviglia links seemingly distant historical periods such as the Baroque and our post-modern era in a constant and intimate exchange of allusions, quotations and implications.

When you arrive at the City Lodge today, emerging from the dim light of the stairs, you first encounter only yourself: an oversized golden Baroque frame, of rare elegance, reflects the visitor’s face in countless rectangles of burnished mirror. Everyday life is transformed into what we would define ante litteram as pixels; that which is ordinary recedes from view and allows a truly unique place to take center stage. You immediately find yourself in an atmosphere that is somehow both staggering and relaxing.

A long corridor girds the entrance, winding both right and left. The apartment is in fact laid out in the shape of a horseshoe. At the two extremes, cleverly tucked away, are the two bedrooms with adjoining baths. One bedroom overlooks the romantic Via dell’Anima and leads into an elegant walk-in closet; the other, the sumptuous Pope’s Room, looks directly onto Piazza Navona. When you open the doors of the windows, which measure an astonishing four and a half meters in height, in order to access the balcony that overlooks the square, the spectacle takes your breath away: it’s easy to imagine exactly how popes, princes and noble mistresses felt standing here. From this perspective, the sublime style of the Baroque period becomes surprisingly palpable.

The two secluded rooms are linked to one another through a study, music room, library, lounge for conversing or watching TV, dining room and kitchen. Conceived as a place to gather together and socialize, each of these spaces has been meticulously designed to help guests enjoy the intimacy of a private retreat to the fullest, and to indulge in creative idleness.


Immersing yourself in the history of those who lived within these walls while still enjoying all the comforts of modern life is truly a meraviglia
Here you can enjoy a professional Chef upon request • Continental breakfast • Complimentary selection of spirits and non-alcoholic beverages from the bar • Staff at your disposal • Grand Piano • Experience the center of Rome, close to the most famous attractions.


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Rates starting from 2.700 € per night (up to 2 guests) subject to seasonality
Starting from 3.800 € per night (up to 4 + 1 guests) subject to seasonality

Location: Piazza Navona

Up to 5 guests – 2 bedrooms – 2 baths


  • Wifi
  • Air conditioning
  • TV - Netflix/Prime
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Staff at your disposal
  • Bar
  • Frescoes
  • Maid service
  • Whirlpool
  • Yamaha Piano

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