Odles Lodge

Nest Italy: Odles Lodge

Odles Lodge

Immerse yourself in a unique South Tyrol experience. The special ambience and original, clear architecture of the design chalet invite you to take a relaxing break in the Dolomites.

Give yourself a time-out from digital communication in the heart of the magnificent Dolomites – your private mountain retreat.

The spa area. Deep green forests. Lush mountain meadows. Take time for yourself and feel yourself slow down. The SPA in your wellness chalet is an oasis of health and regeneration. A place of carefree happiness. With fragrant natural scents. Refreshing mountain spring water. Soothing warmth. Simply let go.

Palmschoss is located at the back of Mount Plose. The Plose is a beautiful hiking and skiing area. Responsible tourism. An insider’s tip in the Dolomites. Unique mountain landscapes. UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site of the Dolomites. Outlook. Vision. Relax in the Plose.From Palmschoss, the city of Bressanone is only 18 km away and where numerous restaurants and shops are to be found. This beautiful Alpine town offers you a wide range of culinary fare. Cultural impressions. Unwind in the old streets of Bressanone.

The reatreat is the perfect hideaway for people subjected to digital influences on a daily basis. Use your freedom to escape it for a little while. Ground yourself again and feel the origins of humanity. By refraining from communicating electronically, you will become acquainted with new, long-forgotten values in your chalet.Start a digital detox cure surrounded by the mountains, away from the daily grind. A hiking time-out. Get away from all technology and recharge your batteries. Expand your perspectives. Let go and find your way back to the source in your hideaway.

A personal haven of deep relaxation. A healthy home. In a purely natural ambience, free from the daily grind. Children of nature find their way back to their origins in the Mountain Lodge Suites. Back to your own centre, freed from the constraints of the digital society. Simply be human. Enjoy the privacy. The cleansing power of silence. Regenerate yourself and feel free.


  Trekking • Wine • Alpine Breakfast • Wellness • Place of Reatreat

Come find your Nest in South Tyrol


  • Wifi
  • Heating
  • Laundry
  • AC
  • Maid service
  • Breakfast
  • Private parking
  • Panoramic Terraces

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