Vase Light Blue, Nuove Forme


This pattern is the result of our research on matt reacting glazes that are quite hard to be achieved. Its making features the use of materials such as iron oxides and zinc that during the firing trigger unique and original reactions. The brown
pittings give a special character to the design and perfectly match with the pale light blue background and help to create a whole with a delicate but visually strong impact.

Handmade in Italy
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions (in): W 9.45 x D 9.45 x H 7.87
Dimensions (cm): W 24 x D 24 x H 20

Clean only with water by using a soft cloth.

Delivery in 8/9 weeks

Incl. VAT
Nuove Forme

Nuove Forme uses tailored pottery’s manufacturing and unique textures. Its history goes back to a region close to Florence, Lastra a Signa and Signa’s area, an area well known for soil production. The production is varied and unique. It comes from Alvino Bagni’s cultural and artistic expertise. Knowledge he passed down to Gianfranco Ghiretti and his granddaughter Maria Chiara. Nuove Forme boasts a lasting cooperation with local craftsmen who create gypsum and lathe models and implements and expands on these models to guarantee the reliability and quality of the semi-finished product. The stages of glazing, decoration, firing and packaging are directly on company premises.