Al Segnavento, Farm House, Eat & Stay

Nest Italy: Al Segnavento, Farm House, Eat & Stay

Al Segnavento, Farm House, Eat & Stay

A farm that extends over an estate of about nine hectares of grass and pasture bordered by the river in the Municipality of Venice, specialized in the breeding of the American Quarter Horse, the Suffolk sheep and Venetian breeds of poultry. Respecting the welfare of animals and the environment, they practice cultivation and breeding according to the criteria of healthy and sustainable agriculture aimed at consumers who are attentive to quality and eager to enrich their knowledge and safety.

Natural Agriculture

Cultivating the land and taking care of animals with the utmost love and respect, as the best farming tradition teaches, is one of their main prerogatives. In order to ensure the highest quality, Segnavento carefully supervise the production cycle of each of our products from start to finish.


A small and elegant agritourism resort bathed in the green heart of the farm, composed of 14 finely furnished rooms and an intimate gourmet restaurant, designed for the most demanding travelers, lovers of quality and refined service.
The residence is your returning reference to fully appreciate the lagoon city and the surrounding region.
After all your travelling, let them envelop you in their rejuvenating atmosphere.

Relax in the large outdoor swimming pool, a well-equipped stable or participate in a bespoke cooking class designed only for you.


The cuisine finds its roots on that which is naturally found and grown in their own fields, spread between farms, orchards, and rows of fruit trees. Everything we are at “Al Segnavento” starts from the land.

Self-sustenance is the fundamental pillar around which our philosophy of sustainable cuisine is entirely based. Here raw materials, and the drive to give them form, take the central stage. Here, they will take you through a journey where you will savour the results of the research of the finest ingredients and the richest biodiversity the venetian agricultural heritage can offer.


Gastronomy – Relaxing Holiday – Farm House – Sustainability

Come find your Nest in Veneto

Location: Zelarino (VE)

Starting from 100€/day


  • Swimmingpool
  • Heating
  • Farm
  • Wifi
  • Air conditioning
  • Restaurant
  • TV
  • Parking
  • Cleaning service

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