Art Studio Suite

Nest Italy: Experience Hotel in Sardegna

Art Studio Suite

48 squares meters

Up to 2 guests – 1 Large Double Bed – 1 Bath


Room features:

Kettle with a wide choice of teas and herbal teas

Nespresso coffee machine

Air conditioning



Bathrobe and bath towels



Large selection of magazines

Other infos:

General inclusions

The Art Suite Studio, formerly the creative sanctuary of Giovanna Palimodde, has been transformed into a very classy suite. A proper artist studio with paintbrushes, canvases, spaces and inspiration. Ad-hoc materials for drawing, watercolour or oil painting can be delivered, upon request, so you can give free rein to your imagination, letting nature and the surrounding energy give you inspiration.
The vibrant décor convey Giovanna’s flair, herself and artist, a careful, wise observer of artistic needs of others. This is a vital space where you may even organise personal exhibitions; up to twelve works can be shown in the delightful garden.
Walk through the door of the Suite and you’ll enter another space, an unexpected oasis where creating comes naturally.
If you are searching for inspiration, look no further: a dream is waiting for you.

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