Gironda is a new vision of hospitality: the authenticity and intimacy of a B&B blend with the attention to detail of a 5-star hotel.

In a mix of love for Hospitality, fervor for Art and observance of architectural balances, here you may choose from four Rooms, suspended between ancient and contemporary. Each Room develops a very specific concept, from the choice of color to the dedicated spaces inside. Gold, Blue, Green and Red. Experience the warmth of a welcoming embrace that feels like home, the charm of walls that hold ancient stories alongside glimpses of contemporary. Waking up inside a room surrounded by art, with carefully selected unique design pieces.


This room is perfect for a moment of introspection and meditation: you have the freedom to decide how to experience it. The need to look within and understand ourselves deeply seems to have never been more important, in a world that leads to frenzy and acceleration, distancing us from ourselves. The room has a sauna for two people, a dedicated corner called “Silent Room” and a fireplace. Yoga mats and zafu (meditation cushions) are available. Both services favor silence and tranquility. The room has a King Size bed, a private bathroom with double shower. The choice not to offer electronic devices in the room is due to the fact that they can interfere with spontaneous thinking, creativity, as well as imagination.


Cinema transports us to fantastic worlds, making us experience intense emotions. This allows us to experience new situations, helping us deepen our understanding of the world. Equipped with a 100″ smart TV, it will give you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the show. Getting lost in the experience of a film offers the brain the opportunity to dedicate complete attention to the activity itself, thus making us present in the here and now. For physical well-being, the room is equipped with an elliptical trainer, a machine known to stimulate all the muscles of the body. The room has a King Size bed, a corner for physical activity and a private bathroom with tub/shower.


The books we read offer us benefits on a mental and emotional level, promoting psychological well-being. Inside the room you will find a selection of books at your complete disposal, to browse, page after page. Reading lifts our spirit, it is a caress of the soul, it enriches our mind and heart, it makes us fly with our imagination. Furthermore, in the Blue Room there is a treadmill, a tool for the exclusive use of the room. Using the machine will allow you to achieve a pleasant state of well-being. The room has a Queen Size bed, a corner for physical activity, a private bathroom with shower Precisely because, following Gironda’s philosophy, they decided not to insert electronic devices in the room to allow you to completely immerse yourself in the present moment.


Sharing is a form of love, it is a form of care, it is a high form of intelligence. In this way, not only the person listening to us is enriched, but also ourselves, because we transfer a part of ourselves to them, feeling gratitude for the listening they dedicate to us. A place that is always accessible, from the early hours of the morning where breakfast will be served, until late in the evening, where you can enjoy snacks and drinks with free access to the fridge in total autonomy, as if you were at home. You will also find the Honesty Bar, for a drink alone or in company.

The fusion of the words b&b and luxury have coined the word B-Luxe which identifies exactly the essence Of Gironda. Intimacy and confidentiality combined with research and quality.

The intuition of combining art, ancient and contemporary, with a taste for innovation in interior design. Going beyond standard furnishing formulas to create environments that reflect the soul of Gironda. Spaces that will become meeting places for artists and exponents of the world of culture, all round.

The new volumes are inserted into the building creating a sort of duality with it. The new and the old never touch, they brush against each other, perfectly distanced to create a tension between the two. It could be said that both exist and are essential to each other, in a harmonious coexistence.


Tasting • Culinary experience • Private Guide • Private Dinner • Small Events • Holistic Massage • Guided Tour of Ravenna

Come find your Nest in Emilia Romagna

Location: Ravenna

Starting at the rate of 280,00 EUR per room per night

Adults only


  • High-Speed Wifi
  • Parking
  • Lounge and Relax Area
  • Room Service
  • Luggage Storage
  • Concierge Service
  • Pet Friendly
  • Satellite TV

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