Vigilius Mountain Resort

Vigilius Mountain Resort

Peace at seven minutes. Just fly away with the cable car. This is the only way to get to the Resort.

No cars, no noise, no stress. Only nature and peace. There are no roads leading to the property. You arrive after a short ascent by cable car. Here the air smells of larch and freedom. The 5-star hotel nestles in nature, becomes one with it, so simple and at the same time so clear and harmonious.

An island in the mountains at 1,500 meters above sea level, a modern wooden building, a mountain hotel in South Tyrol, a 5-star Design Hotel that satisfies yearnings and desires.

As evening falls, the sky turns a deep purplish blue, on which the gnarled silhouettes of the ancient larches stand out in a sweet, vaguely ghostly brightness. In the moonlight you can admire the sharp profiles of the white dolomite giants with particular clarity. The Resort consciously forgoes televisions in rooms and suites, and it is very rare for guests to miss them. You stay in bed like in the middle of nature, only the large wall windows protect you from the whims of the alpine climate.

A little attention on the bedside table … And when the thick red curtains are closed, sleep makes its way without obstacles, deep, regenerating: blissful peace between warm and soft fabrics, perhaps similar to that experienced by children.
It cannot be said that the resort is a hotel for early risers. Usually the guests of the hotel show up quite late, rested and happy, to have breakfast in the restaurant.

A gourmet hotel far from everything, without the noise and frenzy of everyday life, allows you to rediscover the simplicity and strength of nature, even and above all at the table. Enjoy your meal! The large windows of the restaurant offer a magnificent view of the Alpine landscape and, in the evening, of the lights of the valley, while the light and modern cuisine offers a gastronomic experience capable of embracing regional flavors and traditions.

The pool of the swimming pool dissolves the boundary between inside and outside: a captivating illusion that, through the large panoramic window, projects the nearby larches into the pool like the distant Dolomites, and the pool seems to extend to the ends of the world. Total well-being, immersed in warm and saline water. Life smells of freedom and infinity – a moment that one would like to extend forever. Next to the pool there is the whirlpool with its whirlpools of water at body temperature, a generous pool that, through a glass door, continues outside, overlooking the larch trees. The separate area of ​​the spa houses the saunas: the Finnish one, with temperatures up to 80 degrees, and the Turkish bath. Right next to it you will find the tasty apples from South Tyrol, jugs of mineral spring water from the mountain and a wide selection of herbal teas.


Gastronomy • Spa and wellness • Relaxing and peaceful holiday • Sustainability • Fitness

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Location: Vigiljoch


  • Swimming pool
  • Heating
  • Wifi
  • View
  • Maid service
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Restaurant
  • Breakfast

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Up to 2 guests – 1 Large Double Bed – 1 Bath

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