Villa Acquamarina

Villa Acquamarina

Picture a place where time appears to stretch to harmonize with the gentle embrace of a golden sun, where the murmur of the Mediterranean Sea gently strokes your soul, and where every horizon is a canvas of serenity. Nestled before this azure mirror, a distinctive property unveils four dry-stone houses, embodiments of elegance and serenity, akin to delicately placed gems upon a tapestry of lush terraces. Each of these abodes is a sanctuary of comfort, cocooned within a garden where the pine grove harmonizes with the Mediterranean scrub in an eternal dance. Terraced gardens stand as silent sentinels of your inner peace, offering a delightful nap in the shade of a tree or a luxurious plunge into a pool gazing out at the sea Spacious, sunlit terraces stretch out towards the liquid horizon, providing panoramic views of a sea with nothing but the horizon as its boundary. At twilight, when the sky ignites in shades of purple and gold, you gather with friends and family on an illuminated rooftop for the final drink of the day, in a living tableau forming an almost surreal harmony

Inside each house, discreetly refined luxury envelops you. High-end amenities grace every room, from the kitchen to the living spaces, and from the baths to the intimate bedrooms. Unobtrusive air conditioning whispers the gentle breath of freshness into every nook, rendering the air as soft as an evening sea breeze.
Total comfort is the guiding principle here, but it doesn’t manifest loudly. Instead, it seeps into every detail, every texture, every arrangement, like a subtle essence that permeates everything.
Whether you sink into a plush armchair with a book, lounge on a chaise longue while listening to the gentle lapping of waves, or succumb to the melodies of a high-fidelity audio system from the cocoon of your bed, total comfort is a silent promise consistently fulfilled.
These four houses, watched over by pine trees and cradled by the sea, are more than just a vacation spot; they are an enchanting escape where every moment is a caress and every breath, an ode to the splendor of the world that surrounds you. Welcome to an oasis of dreams on the Mediterranean.

Casa Grande

3 Bedrooms with bathrooms, main kitchen, lounge and living area

Casa Mini-Grande

1 Bedroom with bathroom and boudoir

Casa Basso

2 bedrooms with bathroom, secondary kitchen, covered terrace


1 double bedroom with bathroom


Excursions • Cooking Class • Boat Trip • Dinner on the Terrace • Massage • Seaside Gym Session • Chef in Villa

Come find your Nest in Puglia

Location: Gagliano del Capo, Lecce

Starting at the rate of 714,00 EUR per night with a minimum stay of 4 nights in low season


  • High-Speed Wifi
  • Parking
  • Rooftop Happy Hour with bar
  • Cleaning Services
  • Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven and BBQ
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Fitness Trail

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