Dressing Gown, Once Milano x Toogood



Designed by Faye Toogood, Once Milano x Toogood dressing gown with oversized lapels gently skims the body while its kimono sleeves confer a timeless elegance to this most stylish of cover ups. 

Available in four colours: rich brown, natural tones and chalky white

Available in two sizes – small/ medium or medium/ large

It is made from 100% handmade Italian linen.
Once Milano linen is easy to care for and requires no ironing

Please do contact us at [email protected] for custom sizing and care instructions.

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Once Milano

Allegra and Valeria met as law students in Strasbourg around 20 years ago but it wasn’t until 2012, after careers in law and bringing up young families in Venice and London, that they decided to launch Once Milano, a modern interpretation of traditional linen, with the aim of re-inventing Italian homeware. Once Milano products are timeless, elegant and revel in a luxurious understatement that has become a signature of the brand. They create items using only the finest materials made by skilled artisans in Venice.