Frantoio Experience

Frantoio Experience
The “Frantoio” (oil mill) is the place where the olives destined for the production of olive oil are brought and where all the manufacturing processes will take place.


The renowned local producer of olive oil we collaborate with is in the Puglia region. They propose two beautiful experiences:


  • They open the doors of the Frantoio to tell visitors their secrets and illustrate the stages of the process production of oil. During the period October – January (depending on the vintage) it will be possible feel the scents of the oil during milling of olives in real time. You can see the team in action who takes care of checking every day the quality of the product, bottle it and ship it all over the world. Passing from the production area to the company showroom, guests can sit down in an elegant and comfortable space. Short videos will be shown on the company and oil production. Then, after the theory, you move on to practice! You will make a journey of tasting of 4 different olive oils. During the tasting, they will do a short lesson of approach to oil, in which you will learn to distinguish the various scents of oils.

Number of people: minimum 2 pax, maximum 24 pax. Duration: 30-45 minutes


  • You will make a journey of tasting of eight different oils. During the tasting, they do a short lesson of approach to oil, in which you will learn to distinguish the various scents of oils. During the tasting of the oils you will learn to recognise the scents and they will propose food and oil combinations.

Number of people: minimum 2 pax, maximum 24 pax. Duration: 60 minutes


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