Hotel de Ricci: the ideal hotel for Wine Lovers


NEST Italy - Boutique Wine Hotel in Rome


There is a home away from home in the heart of Rome, for wine lovers or even just for those who want to stay in a small luxury hotel and feel almost like family.


NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci    NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci


In addition to being the wine boutique hotel par excellence in Rome, what makes it so special is the attention reserved to customers, starting from the arrival at the structure, always accompanied by a welcome drink, to the aperitivo offered to customers during their stay, every day at 7pm. A glass of sparkling wine awaits them, accompanied by some snacks prepared by the Chef.


NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci


The location is strategic, with the Lungo Tevere car parks just five minutes away, in a traditional Roman district, those with clothes hanging on the windows and the trattorias on street corners, in the center but off the touristic tracks. Leaving the hotel to explore Rome allows you to reach the main monuments of the Eternal City in 15 minutes.


\NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci


The small number of rooms, only eight, allows special attention to the Suites. Each room has a large size and is decorated with a fresco by the artist Andrea Ferolla, depicting Roman landscapes and scenes of life.


NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci    NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci


The enological vocation of the Hotel is reconfirmed in each Suite with a private wine cellar, with different labels for each room, carefully selected by the Sommelier team of the Hotel, ready to advise and lead customers in the choice of wines, or organizing personal tailor-made tastings.


NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci    NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci


Hotel de’ Ricci is small in size, of great luxury, equipped with services that make it unique in the city. In addition to the opulence of the brunch offered during the weekend, the Hotel is also known for the Cigar Room (one of the only ones in the city), highly requested for business meetings, which can be enriched with ad hoc tastings.


    NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci


In addition to customizable tastings on request, the Hotel has prepared four cross-sectional tasting proposals to satisfy all tastes.

The Tour of Italy tasting explores four different regions and their respective terroirs. In tasting Venice, Pieropan, Tormaresca and Antinori’s Tignanello, in vintages between 2015 and 2020.

Life is Beautiful is dedicated to the best of Italian excellence, elegant and powerful. In tasting Appius by St. Michael Eppan, vintage 2016, a Barbaresco by Bruno Rocca from 2015, Ornallaia from the homonymous Estate from 2014 and an Amazon from 2009, Tommaso Bussola.

North vs South is a journey to discover those who wrote history, in search of those who can now continue to make history. For tasting an Etna Bianco Montalto from Tenuta Delle Terre Nere, GAJA with Rosso Bass, both vintage 2020, Franchetti’s Passorosso from 2018 and a 2012 Barolo from Roberto Voerzio.

Finally, a tasting dedicated to the city that hosts the Hotel, with two iconic Roman dishes, Carbonara & Amatriciana. Combined with a 2019 Chardonnay Marina Cretic from Masciarelli, Appius from St. Michael Eppan, a Valpolicella Classico from Romano dal Forno, 2010 vintage and a 2011 Brunello di Montalcino from Casanova di Neri.


NEST Italy - Hotel de' Ricci


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