Adriatico Amaretto Bianco (70cl)


The ” in white ” version of the Amaretto Adriatico, also known as ‘crushed almonds’, is a real alcoholic almond milk that can be enjoyed straight or with an ice cube, as an alternative to creamy liqueurs at the end of the meal but, thanks to the perfect combination of sweetness and a slightly alcoholic note, it is also suitable for the most common long drinks.

Alcohol: 16%
Format: 0.7l
Serving temperature: 14/16 ° C
Type: Bitter and Liqueur

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“Adriatico”: that is the project born from the mind of two friends, who united by the dream of producing the first artisan amaretto made only and exclusively with Italian ingredients.
“All thanks to my Italian mother who prepared my favorite dessert, tiramisu, with two drops of amaretto.”
says Jean-Robert Bellanger, creator of ADRIATICO.