Amaro “Venti”, Magi Spirits


VENTI is the only bitter liquor with only botanicals collected in Italy. A modern interpretation of the classic bitters, created following the traditional liqueur methods. Venti is a tale of Italy. An aromatic journey that unites the country from north to south.


Elegant and bright orange color to the eye. The nose offers a complex and articulated bouquet, in which the main botanicals such as myrtle, gentian and basil are found one by one, followed by citrus and bitter nuances. The palate continues on the same wavelength as the smell, revealing itself to be linear and persistent.

Type: Liqueur
Classification: Bitter
Format: 0,70 CL
Alcohol: 26 % by volume
Serving temperature: 16/18 ° C

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It all started about three years ago, and the spark that started the adventure was that shared love for botanicals.
At the moment, MAGI Spirits is known for its two main top brands, namely Gin “RIVO” and Amaro “VENTI,  l’ “Amaro Italiano”. The first, the Gin “RIVO”, known as the Gin of Lake Como, was the first distillate to be produced by MAGI Spirits which, in fact, was produced with herbs and botanicals collected along the slopes of the mountains surrounding Lake Como.
Subsequently, the Amaro “VENTI, l’ “Amaro Italiano” was born, or the Amaro that unites the Peninsula, because it is produced with twenty different ingredients, each inspired by each Italian region. This is how MAGI Spirits took shape, and still operates daily in the name of maximum excellence, starting from the selection of raw materials up to the maniacal control of each production step. In this way, extraordinary spirits and liqueurs are born, which are quickly making their way into the competitive world of “wine & spirits” by leaps and bounds.