Adriatico Amaretto (70cl)


28% Alc Vol. 70 cl. – Made in Puglia –
Roasted almonds
A pinch of sea salt
Natural ingredients
14 °C
16 °C

Harvested strictly by hand in the Apulian countryside, the almonds are roasted for a long time in a wood oven before being macerated and then distilled, then combined with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa beans and coffee. Finally, there is the addition of a pinch of salt from the Margherita salt pan.

Dress with an intense amber color, pervaded by mahogany shades. The first nose is dominated by notes of dried fruit, toasted almonds above all, walnut husks, floral and honey hints at the end. On the palate it offers a robust, full sip, in line with the sensations of the olfactory, persistent epilogue on flavors of chocolate, coffee and caramel.

Good drunk straight or mixed with ginger beer or tonic.

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“Adriatico”: that is the project born from the mind of two friends, who united by the dream of producing the first artisan amaretto made only and exclusively with Italian ingredients.
“All thanks to my Italian mother who prepared my favorite dessert, tiramisu, with two drops of amaretto.”
says Jean-Robert Bellanger, creator of ADRIATICO.